Welcome to SGCAC 2016

The Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Conference is an annual event organized by the Graduate College- University of Khartoum. Since the launching of the first conference in 2010, it has formed an outstanding gathering of scientists and researchers on various fields from inside and outside Sudan.

The Seventh Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Conference is focusing on basic and engineering sciences under the theme “Scientific Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Africa” to be held within the period between 20th and 23rd February 2016 emphasizing the importance of scientific research in the sustainable development of Sudan and the region.

The conference organizers invite the participation of all scientists and researchers on related themes from inside and outside Sudan

Conference scientific committee

International Advisory Committee
Prof. Elfatih Eltahir
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Prof. Mohamed Hag Ali Hassan Former Executive Director of TWAS.
Prof. Rashid Hassan  University of Pretoria
Prof. Osama Awad Elkareem Pennsylvania state university
Prof. Abdin M.A.Salih Former President of the UNESCO IGC-IHP
Prof. Sharif Fadul Babikir  IEEE Sudan

Scientific Committee
Prof. Abdin M.A.Salih (Chair)
Prof. Mohamed Hashim Siddig  
Prof. Salah Ahmed Ibrahim  
Dr. Osman Merghani  
Dr. Mohamed Abbaker  
Dr. Hisham Abushama  
Dr. Abdel Gabbar Nasir  
Dr. Elwaleed Abdel Azeez  
Dr. Insaf Sanhouri 
 Mr. Hatim Elrifaei Burhan  
Dr. Abdelkareem Mohamed  
Mrs. Salma Khalid Elsheikh 
Dr. Rashid Saeed  IEEE Sudan
Prof. Jaafar Elmirghani  UK
Prof. Amitava Mukherjee  India
Prof. Mahmoud Manzoul  USA
Prof. Fanny Klett  Germany
Prof. Narryan Debnath  USA
Dr. Hassan Hamdoun  UK
Dr. Marmar Abdelelrahman Elsiddig  University of Khartoum
Dr. Mustafa Abbas Mustafa  University of Khartoum


Higher Committee
Dean of the Graduate School president
Dean of the Faculty of Science  
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering  
Dean of the College of Architecture  
Dean of the Faculty of Physical Sciences  
Director of Environmental Studies Institute  
Director of the Building Research Institute, roads  
Director of the self-evaluation and Quality Management 
Director of the Department of Scientific Research and Cultural Relations 
 Director of Information and Public Relations Department  
Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference  
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference 
Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and basic engineering studies 
Executive Director of the Office of the Director 
Chairman of the Media and Public Relations Committee  



Organizing Committee
Prof. Maha Ahmed Yousif Kordofani president
Dr. Salah al-Din Mahmoud Othman  
Dr. Hana Khalid Mukhtar  
Dr. Hamid Ali Abu Obeida  
Dr. Mohammed Abaker Ahmed  
Dr. Mai Abdul Rahman Masri  
Dr. Mason Mustafa Paddy 
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed kaposh 
 Dr. Sumaya Ahmed Zaki al-Din 
Hatem al-Rifai Burhan  
Prof. Abd-Almalik Alnaiem Ahmed  
Salma Khaled Sheikh decided


IEEE Region-8  
IEEE Sudan  


Faisal Islamic Bank (Sudan) The Platinum Sponsor
الخرطوم وزارة البنى التحتية والمواصلات – ولاية The Silver Sponsor


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